Pink Drinks to Serve in Martini Glass

Mixing drinks, when done right, can be an art form.  It’s more than just taking two or more ingredients and pouring them into a glass – it’s finding the right combination of alcohol and additives to create a drink that both tastes and looks appealing. For example, you can make purple drank at home for yourself.

Below are some ideas for pink drinks that you can serve in martini glasses. Whether for ladies’ night specials or for a breast cancer awareness event, pink drinks will definitely catch the eye and attract customers (though you probably won’t catch a lot of male patrons drinking them).

• Pink almond

This recipe for a pink almond from uses several different ingredients, including Scotch, cherry brandy, and Amaretto.  To make a lower-cost drink, you could substitute another almond liqueur for the Amaretto and use a less expensive cherry brandy than Kirschwasser, and the drink will still taste almost the same.

• Pink lady has an intriguing recipe for a pink lady cocktail.  This drink may not be for everyone, as it calls for a raw egg white to be used.  The other ingredients include ice cream, gin, and grenadine, so some people will likely find it enjoyable.

• Pink martini

You can’t talk about pink drinks in martini glasses without mentioning a pink martini.  The pink martini recipe found on is a fairly simple one, calling for vodka (you can use a rail vodka instead of a premium one), triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice.  You could serve it with or without the lime.

• Pink martini #2

For a pink martini taken in a different direction, try this one from  It uses rum instead of vodka, and it creates more of a tropical flavor than the previous drink by including pineapple juice and raspberry liqueur.  This recipe will fill a four-ounce martini glass to the brim, so be careful when serving it.

• Pink pillow has a recipe for a pink pillow (scroll down the page to find it – the recipes are broken up by color) that could be interesting.  To serve the pink pillow in a martini glass, you’ll probably use about half an ounce each of sour mix and ginger ale.  You can drop the recipe down to two ounces of vodka instead of three if the drink tastes too strong.

 • Pink Cadillac

This recipe for a pink Cadillac from makes two drinks, but for single servings you can use half the amount of each ingredient that is called for.  It uses vodka (whichever brand you prefer for taste), Galliano, sweet and sour mix, and Chambord, garnished with an orange slice.  You could substitute another raspberry liqueur for the Chambord to save some money, or if the drink is too potent, switch out the Chambord entirely for some cranberry juice or grenadine to still retain the coloring.  The cranberry juice or grenadine will alter the taste of the cocktail, but the added sweetness might make it taste better to some people.