Drug Rehab Ontario – Frequently Asked Questions

To admit that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and getting it treated at a drug rehab Ontario needs guts. Many people are unaware about rehab procedures, and thus they avoid going to the rehab. Below are some answers of frequently asked questions.

How long does the recovery process take?

The duration of rehab process depends on the person’s drug severity including addiction history, individual’s issues, and dual diagnosis condition. You can learn how long molly stay in your system and it might be 1-30 days in your body. Some need 90 day stay as inpatient, while some need 30-day program. Recovery is a continuous process even after you leave the rehab.

Ongoing therapy in group and individual form is recommended. Sometimes the person may relapse, which is not failure, but must be perceived as an obstacle that needs to be conquered to attain complete sobriety.

How much is the cost of rehab program?

Cost will depend on what kind of program you select, be it inpatient or outpatient, and the amenities the center provides in terms of detox and rehab services.

Factors affecting rehab program cost includes –

  • Amenities offered ( animal therapies, high-end programs to professional chefs)
  • Location (beachfront location can cost more)
  • Kind of programs (Inpatient costs more than outpatient program)
  • Length of programs (Short term program cost less than 90-day program)

Is inpatient rehab better than outpatient?

Inpatient facilities are a little different right from costs involved to treatment intensity to overall environment throughout the treatment. Inpatient means 24 hour facilities that generally include presence of supervisor all the time. Patients can live there and obtain medical support whenever necessary. Programs include individual therapy, group therapy, meditation, outdoor activities or animal therapy.

Outpatient facility allows the patients to attend treatment sessions as recommended and get back home to pursue their everyday responsibilities. Outpatient program also varies from one another. Some need all day session, whereas others are treated for a couple of hours in a day. The cost is less, as fewer facilities are used, and there is no need of round the clock care.

What is luxury rehab facility?

Luxury rehab has posh surroundings with more amenities when compared to an average center. These centers offer holistic programs, gourmet meals, innovative recovery therapies, and adventure therapy. Celebrities and public icons select luxury rehab for exclusive amenities and privacy.

Is insurance accepted for drug rehab programs?

Insurance is accepted, but will vary in certain facilities. It may not cover a part of your stay, so check the policy before enrolling at a rehab centre. Some of the rehab centers may ask for upfront fees. If your insurance does not cover rehab cost ask the service provider for other payment options like financing plans for making your total expense more manageable.