I Do Hate Choclates …

Once upon a time, when I hadn’t grown so tall,

When my feet were tiny, and my belly still small.

I fell in love with something, something really sweet,

The flavor of which, absolutely nothing could beat.


Of various colors they were, brown, white and dark,

A cornucopia of shapes, each of a different mark.

So smooth, so soft, just like cotton and silk,

But the ones I really liked, were those made of milk.


Nothing drove me like that, I was certainly bewitched,

They were precious to me, more than cloths golden stitched.

I would give them to none, not to a friend or foe,

I would steal them from all, if it needed to be so.

Everyone got worried, but I took the world a fool,

I couldn’t care more, for my mouth used to drool.

They left me with my ‘madness’, as they finally gave up.

I savored that I craved, in full glass and cup.


Ah! Those days……They melted away just as snow,

And with them went away, my favorite suit and bow.

“Why?” you may ask, “Did you find them old and bore?”

“No, my friend. They won’t fit me anymore.”


Today I have a tummy, as large as that of a bear,

All I can do now is to lie in my sleepy chair.

I can’t recite any further, for my mouth has gone sore,

Yes, I do hate chocolates but can I please have some more?