Beast Incarnate Truly Invincible?

The fear-inspiring monster, Brock Lesnar has been in constant news since his conquered the conqueror of souls, none other than the Deadman himself, The Undertaker, at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania XXX on April 6, 2014, New Orleans, Louisiana. The Professional Wrestling Torch Newsletter described the end of the Streak as “one of the most shocking and depressing moments in WWE history”. But what came as a shock to many, the Undertaker’s defeat and the record of having broken the hitherto unbeaten streak was nothing but inevitable with Lesnar keeping his promise of returning legitimacy to WWE.

The Number 16!

16 was the number of German Suplexes that a debilitated John Cena was tormented through, before his crushing and humiliating defeat at Summerslam. The all-talk-no-action Cena was thrown all around the ring like a ragdoll. His inefficacious and vainly comebacks transmuted into Lesnar’s F5s and German suplexes consequently led to Cena’s Summerslam Fiasco.

The self-proclaimed “Beast Incarnate” has done more than justice to this ring name after his last return this year. The intimidating UFC Beast has no one to fear as he decimates all his challengers. As plans for Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the next Wrestlemania begin to gain hearsay, it would be being economical with the actualité for having the Next-Gen Superstar beat the Beast Incarnate. This, however, is being proposed to give Reigns a facelift. Whatever the future may behold, the true contenders who would really prove to be of contest against Lesnar today would either be the 500-pound-giant, The Big Show, or the guy with 173 – 0 Singles matches’ streak, if WWE succeeds in cajoling him back into the business; the return of Goldberg, who is remembered for his victory over Lesnar in Wrestlemania XX and is till date recognized as the only unbeaten world champion in the history of sports entertainment, would be an enthralling event to turn your TV sets ON for!