A Love Like This Does Exist

Best are the feelings that remain unexpressed

Best are the words that remain unsaid

Only when you have someone so special who understands

Unexpressed never remains unfelt

Unsaid never remains unheard

No matter even if we are miles apart

What you want you say, and what you want me to feel

I somehow know it deep in my heart

You might not say it but I already know, your eyes say it all the time

You want me to belong to you and that that you are forever mine

Nothing in this world can be more divine; Than

Eyes that always want to see me

Ears that always want to hear my voice

Lips that always want to speak out my name

A heart which with every beats says that it loves me

A love that seems to be unreal

The deepest emotions that make me feel secure

Truer than any other truth it seems to me that a love like this does exist.