Tell me what is greater, Love or Everything Else

Tell me what is greater….Love or everything else?

What is greater….Religion or love?

Is it important to have good looks or to be a good person?

Is it important for horoscopes or hearts to match?

Does same caste ensure good understanding?

Tell me what matters? Tell me how it goes?

To love a person of same caste, religion, culture? Or to love a person from heart?


She waits there for you to see, that love is above everything..

She waits there for you to hold her hand and tell her that when she is with you, you can face anything and solve every damn problem that comes your way.

She waits there for you to believe and have faith that she is the one..

She waits there for you to have trust and confidence in yourself and your decision..

Even God supports those who truly love

Destiny changes its fate when you have true love in your heart,

So tell me what is greater? Love or everything else?