She was just a Girl!

I seem to remember quite well and clear,

The first physics lecture of my college days.

The class was not what many could call dear,

I sat there sleepily, wearing that awkward, stupid gaze.


Slide after slide, I noted everything down,

It felt similar to sweeping a huge, filthy town.

Useless it seemed, just as water to a drowning boat,

Until I heard that voice, “Can I see what you just wrote?”


Taller than myself, she looked right into my eyes,

Content with themselves, her words sounded sweet lies.

A pony tail on her head, tender with a curl,

She wasn’t very attractive, but who cares man? …..She was a girl!


“O! Yes….of course,” I bumbled at last,

She gave a smile and I let my thoughts pass.

We spoke for a while and I moved pretty fast,

“Can I have your number?” And I hit a solid mass!


I thought someone had got killed,

Serenity! Not even a ding.

The once packed hall was no longer filled,

Death Bells! O yes…..I had heard a ring.


Two days had withered since The Day,

I hadn’t thought about it much.

But then I heard many of them say,

“Hot chick on campus! You wouldn’t have seen such.”


I rushed along to get a quick sight,

The lecture and the girl, all did pale.

But suddenly they flew back, as if in a flight!

“O my God! Is it a fairy tale?”


The curls were gone and so was the knot,

Fairer than I had seen, more gracious than I had thought.

I asked myself,” Is it all a plot?”

Because just like in a story, my dream was shot!

A demon stood just by her side!

He held her close, his hands well tight.

Their faces were filled with an affectionate pride,

And then, they kissed! … And all I knew was fright!


Thus, ended a story that never was begun,

My friends were worried, they thought I was done!

True it was, she was as lovely as a pearl,

But who cares man? She was just a girl!