Calmness and Stillness of Life

This moment in life, the moment we are living right now, is a moment which will never come back. Even when life comes to a standstill and seems monotonous, one must enjoy the stillness of life. Just like reflection is seen very clearly in still water, our true selves must be discovered in the stillness and calmness of life. Taking life as water and the ups and downs in our daily lives as ripples or waves, we must smile at everything. Wave, as my subject, defines a disturbance in the medium. What happens to water after a wave? It is calm, silent and still.

This day, in still life, helps me grow as a person and helps me look into myself. In the beginning, although I felt frustrated by a still life, today I feel that the very still and non-busy life has given me a chance to look at things in a different way, and notice things that I had never noticed. I won’t say that having a busy life is not good. It’s good to be busy but then in the business, we should not forget our true selves. We must take some time to look into ourselves and find true happiness and peace.

Keeping arms open to life, accept things the way they come, live every moment cause this second of this minute of this hour of this day won’t come back. Be patient, calm and kind. Do not fear when life changes suddenly. Love and light.